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We have a passionate mission to inspire children to  have euphoric learning moments through food.

Little Genius Club is well suited to:


Schools whose commitment is to equip their staff with the most advancing knowledge, skills and tools


Schools that understand and invest in the holistic wellness of their students


Schools that actively seek opportunities to equip their students with the skills, tools and values that prepare their students for the future


Schools whose mission is to give their students a broad education

Why Little Genius Club?

Little Genius Club's mission is to inspire children to ignite their genius through hands-on learning. All of our products and services are fuelled by research in regards to children's education, preparation for their future and their physical, mental wellness. 

All of our services have been curated by experienced educators with the holistic wellness of children as our focus:


How can Little Genius Club work with your school?

We work together with schools to engage students in S.T.E.M through a food based approach, reinforce existing S.T.E.M provision and introduce a fresh approach to hands-on learning through food to ultimately improve learning outcomes at your school.

Our services

Food-based learning experiences
Curriculum Development
Upskilling teachers
Enrichment clubs
Primary and Secondary PPA Cover
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The EXPLORE SERIES is our signature Learning Experience programme that gives children the opportunity to learn about the world around them through food. We intentionally curate workshops, activity days and masterclasses that ignite euphoric learning moments.

Explore: Africa & The Caribbean

A vibrant food-based learning experience for children. These sessions are run throughout the school year and are particularly popular during Black History Month in October.


Address Inclusion:

break boundaries between groups through food 

Explore: Africa & The Caribbean is a vibrant visual, auditory, kinaesthetic Food-Based learning experience where children acquire knowledge about 4 main staple foods in Africa and The Caribbean (Rice, Yam, Plantain and Cassava).

The children are stimulated to learn in an Afro-Caribbean Market Exhibition where they go on a Food Journey. At the start of the journey, children are given a Food Passport in which they can log their learnings through the market. .


The learning experience has strong links with the National Curriculum for KS1 & KS2 Maths and Science and cross-curricular links with Geography and PSHE.

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Food and Cooking:

build a bridge to cultural understanding


benefits to schools:

Promote an understanding that Black histories go

beyond stories of racism and slavery

Celebrate the diversity of the population in the UK


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Director of Curriculum Development,
St Edwards Prep School

The Little Genius Club ..... absolutely outstanding!  The thought and expertise that has gone into this is mind-blowing.



Birch Copse School

Thank you for the Learning Experience session today, the children had an amazing time! 

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