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Curiosity - the trait that sparks our creativity, stirs up our imagination and makes us bubble with the excitement of limitless possibilities. Curiosity is the fuel that led to the world’s greatest discoveries, technological advancements and medical revolutions. Children are born with an innate curiosity, desire to explore the world and all children possess exceptional abilities awaiting activation.    

Little Genius Club provides stimulating, practical experiences that nurture children to make curious learning discoveries, express creativity and exercise critical thinking. This provides the ingredients for igniting their inner genius. Our experiential learning experiences are Food Based as we believe in the potency of this tangible tool.

Food Based learning is relatable, sensory, tactile and accessible and provides a fun and exciting way of engaging children with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (S.T.E.M). This approach to learning shatters stereotypes and misconceptions about S.T.E.M, exposes children to a plethora of ideas for future innovators, and makes it less intimidating for children and their parents.

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We curate fun learning experiences (through our subscription boxes) that captivates, clothing that inspires and workshops that spark awe and wonder; all to activate children's creative power.


We aim to stimulate children to love learning and spread the message that Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (S.T.E.M) is cool, by using food activities.


It is predicted that within 20 years, 90% of all jobs will require some element of S.T.E.M skills. We are here to help whip up interest in the S.T.E.M skills the children of today will need for the jobs in the future.

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What is Food Based S.T.E.M?

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Searching for
savoury solutions
in the kitchen

Tackling the task
with the right tools

Engaging in exciting
experiences that equip
children for the future

Making even the most minuscule moments
measure up





Encouraging children to observe describe & experiment like real scientists in order to study the world around us

Rewiring what learning looks like by empowering children to be inventive, use tools, make things work and use tools to solve problems

Designing Food Based learning experiences that inspire children to create, design and solve problems using materials

The kitchen provides a wide array of opportunities for counting, adding & subtracting, number recognition, sorting, measuring and understanding time

Curious Cailin, Creative Chrissy, Constant Kate and Clever Callum are part of Genius Gang. They have many kitchen learning experiences and creative challenges that they share throughout the Little Genius Club resources and social media platforms.



Little Genius Club makes a constant choice to infuse every action with honesty and fairness.


We imagine what is possible and curate our learning
experiences to foster creativity that challenges stereotypes
and inspires a love for learning.


We exceed expectations and take pride in the work we do as we understand the privilege it is to be part of a child's education.


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We champion active learning that helps children learn through curiosity and inquiry.


Our passion generates excitement for what we do and how we do it. Passion is at the heart of everything we do, we nurture ideas, inspire excellence, and find creative ways to make learning exciting.

Our Core Values


BSc (Hons), PGCE

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As a child, our founder, Giselle spent many days in the kitchen with her badge of honour as spoon-licker and chief taster, observing awesome food transformations. 

From this early age she was fortunate to have been given a creative license in the kitchen, and this is really where it all began. The occasional kitchen monstrosities cannot go unmentioned because they did not dampen Giselle's passion for creative cooking, they just made her more determined and helped her develop fiery inquiry.

She was a high achiever for the early part of her education, but things did not continue to be so easy-peasy. Giselle decided to study Biology, Chemistry and Food Technology at A-Level to prepare her for her degree in Food Science and Technology. It was there that things started to crumble. Giselle experienced the tangy taste of throe when she failed A-Level Chemistry & Biology. Her robust determination was fuelled by her passion, so after she squashed the negative self-talk that her dream career was no longer in reach, she picked herself back up and went to University.

The girl who completely failed A-Level Chemistry and Biology achieved a First-class degree in Food Science and Technology!

Giselle had every reason to brim with pride. But it did not stop there; she wanted to inspire children with hope that their passion and interests is the catalyst for fulfilment in life. Giselle went on to train to become a Food Science Educator and practiced for over a decade.

She has now taken her personal experiences and career experiences, mixed them together with love to create Little Genius Club. She wants every child to believe in the power of their interests and every parent to give their children the opportunity to kindle their wonder within.

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